About Us

First of all we would like to request a favor.  Consider it a return favor for the help this site provides (maybe not right this minute, but hopefully at some point in time).  It’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be really difficult for most rails… If you know who is on our “editorial staff”, please keep it to yourself.  Let’s not spread rumors or “out” anyone, remember, today’s trainmen are tomorrows managers.  In fact, let’s not talk about it to managers at all… don’t you think?  Thanks in advance.

This site is run by a small group of employees who felt that there was a lot of information that was not provided to employees by the unions, the company or those who run the training.  We found that new employees were fed information on a hit or miss basis, so even though we don’t have a great deal of time working for the RR (ranges from 7 months to 15 years) we thought we would try to fill in some of that missing information.

Please understand that this site is not run or sanctioned by the company or any of the unions.  All information is considered opinion and is not necessarily the views held by the company or the unions.

If you have information that you feel should be added, or if you see information that is incorrect, please email us at:

denverup.email (insert at sign here) gmail.com

and we will research it and make every effort to provide correct info.  If we disagree with the info you provide, but it has constructive information, we will try to post it along with the existing information.  Your name will not be included with your “dissenting” argument unless you say you want it to.

It’ll be our goal to put a unique page number on each page, so when you email, you can just reference that number.  The exception is of course .pdf’s or .jpg’s.  Since these are provided as “supporting documents” for reference purposes, they are simply exact replicas of the original document, and therefore we don’t want to modify them at all.  Hopefully they have some identifier (i.e. a date, board number, title…) that you can reference if you need to email some additional information on them.

It would be a big help if you would add as attachments and then email us any documents you feel would be helpful on this site.



DenverUP staff